A mix of our premium chocolate.

1. Famous Hand Churned Dark Chocolate sea salt Caramel

2. Irish Cream Truffle-Baileys irish cream and belgian chocolate truffle

3. Black Currant Truffle-cassis infused 54% cocoa truffle with cream

4. Lemon Cream-Light,tangy, fresh & real lemon creams in dark chocolate

5. California Nut Cluster-A mixture of california grown nuts in belgian milk chocolate.

6. Passionfruit Honey- Passionfruit reduction and Honey Caramel.

7. Grand Marnier Truffle-French cognac and bitter orange liqueur infusion.

8. Famous Salted milk caramel-hand churned and dipped fresh salted caramels

 if you have a preference let us know and we can fill the box with whatever you would like just leave a note in the description box or contact us. 

8 Piece Box