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these are all of our customers favorites in one box:


  • Passionfruit Honey: A creamy passionfruit reduction and honey caramel, creating a unique and delicious flavor.
  • Mixed Berry Caramels: A creamy caramel infused with a blend of mixed berries, creating a fruity and indulgent flavor.
  • Black Currant Truffles: A 54% cocoa truffle infused with cassis and cream, giving it a rich, fruity flavor.
  • Blood orange and Dark Caramel
  • Turkish Apricot enrobed in Belgian 54% Chocolate
  • Ruby Chocolate with Tart Cherry and Granola
  •  Lemon Creams: Light, tangy, fresh, and real lemon creams encased in dark chocolate.
  • and Coconut Guava Beach bites


All Natural Fruit Box

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